Year 10 Italian Day Out

This event is supported by the Victorian Government.

We have placed on the VATI website nearly all the activities and resources planned for the Year 10 Italian Day to be held at the Catholic Leadership Centre.

The objective of the day was to encourage Year 10 students to continue with their study of Italian.

The package of resources is now made available to you to use online in the best way you see fit.

In the “package” you will find:

  • a short video of three students who studied Italian at VCE and are now continuing with their study at University.
  • videos giving a modern, non stereotypical view of Italy.
  • listening and viewing activities
  • music/song activities
  • a kahoot game
  • film based activity

In order to download the resources you need to complete a request form. A link to the resources will be automatically emailed to you. We will also email you a link to a feedback form at the end of Term Three.

Forza e coraggio




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