Dear VCE Colleagues,

I am forwarding the invitation below to participate on the 2021 ONLINE model United Nations. Students in past years have participated with enthusiasm and enjoyment. I would warmly encourage VCE colleagues to participate in the event.



Dear teachers of the Italian Language, 

We invite you to register student teams to participate in the 2021 ONLINE Model United Nations on the important topic, Combating Climate Change: Committing to Global Action

As your school was booked to attend this event in 2020 or you have attended in past years, we are giving you the first option to register for 2021. 

This exciting and free virtual event is scheduled for Friday 30 July 2021 (8.30am to 1pm) and is sponsored by the Languages Unit, Department of Education and Training and supported by the Victorian Association of Teachers of Italian (VATI).

Registrations close Monday 10 May (see the attached invitation for more information) OR 


The online Model UN in Italian is split into two parts

Pre-online requirement: The country Position Statement part of the event is pre-recorded, with student teams submitting their 3-minute statements to UNAAV prior to the online event (due Thursday 26 June). UNAAV will collate all the country statements to create a position statement video, which students are able to view in the weeks prior to the online event. Schools must receive student consent to enable them to appear in the position statement recordings. The video will only be viewed by students and teachers attending the Model UN, and will be distributed to students (by teachers) via a link, which cannot be downloaded (the position statement video is deleted at the end of the event).

Online half-day event: Students come together online to put their country‚Äôs views to the General Assembly during the caucus and amendment sessions, where they will propose and move amendments to a Draft UN Resolution. In developing their Draft Resolution. Students will also engage with other delegates via negotiation chambers in the unmoderated caucus session. I have attached a sample online schedule for you to see how the day works. 

This event will fill quickly and there are fewer spaces available in 2021 so we encourage you to register as soon as possible. 

If you are no longer the contact person for the Italian language, please pass this on to the relevant person so that your students do not miss out on this opportunity. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the event.

Dr Sally Northfield || Global Education Manager

United Nations Association of Australia (Victorian Division)

GPO Box 45, Melbourne VIC 3001

Mobile: +61 408 141 332

Work days: Mon - Thurs

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